The Plan Process

The procedure for producing Neighbourhood Plans are summarised below:


The Parish Council/Neighbourhood Forum initiates the Neighbourhood Plan, suggesting the ideas and subjects that they wish to cover. The suggestions need to be agreed by the Local Authority.


There are currently no restrictions as to what kind of content can be in a Neighbourhood Plan although its focus should be on issues relating to development in the local area.

Our Quick Questionnaire launches on 17 October 2015 with a delivery to every household in the parish. Look out for the leaflet: you can post your completed survey back to us, drop it off at Spar Menheniot or St Mary’s Church Merrymeet, or complete it online. We’ll publish the link to our online survey shortly.


The Parish/Neighbourhood Forum undertake extensive consultations on the plan with the community and the wider area. It is essential that Neighbourhood Plans reflect how residents believe the future of their area should be shaped. There must be a full and effective consultation in order for people to be able to contribute to the Plan. Consultation is also important as it will give an indication of the support for the Plan before committing to the referendum. Strategic Environmental Assessment undertaken.


Draft Plan submitted to LPA for consideration.


Draft Plan undergoes Examination.


Examiner’s Report received.


Referendum carried out on draft Plan.


Plan adopted by LPA


Referendum carried out on draft Plan.